15 cm tower howitzer 1

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Drawing of the prototype from the provisional regulation

The 15 cm tower howitzer 1 was a type of gun of the fortress artillery of Austria-Hungary.

The Austro-Hungarian military leadership recognized, albeit too late, that the gun material used in the fortifications on the Lavarone / Folgaria plateau did not meet the requirements. The 10 cm tower howitzer THM9 , installed in the most modern factories, was clearly inferior to its Italian counterparts in terms of penetration power and range. For the plants still under construction ( Valmorbia plant ) or in the planning stage, improved artillery was to be used in addition to a stronger armored dome.

For this purpose, a 15 cm tower howitzer was constructed as a minimal charter cannon with the provisional designation "15 cm tower howitzer 1" .

The gun sat in the mount of the M9 tower howitzer, but the existing rotating base was changed in favor of the minimal chart system. A casemate display was also considered, for which a provisional regulation with the designation “15 cm tower howitzer M 15” already existed.

Of the tower howitzer 1, however, only one copy was made, with which extensive shooting tests were undertaken in the artillery school in Hajmasker.

The project was finally abandoned because there was no further construction of fortifications. Instead, the knowledge gained with regard to the gun was incorporated into the development of the "15 cm M 15 car howitzer" , a gun that was to prove to be very successful.



  1. Regardless of the actual situation of this area was in the Austro-Hungarian military jargon as a plateau of the Seven Churches referred