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An aide-de-camp with Lise Thibault (2006), then Vice-Governor of Québec

As aide-de-camp (.. ADC, French pronunciation [ɛddəkɑ], English pronunciation [ˌeɪddəkɑːŋ]; plurality aides-de-camp .., French pronunciation [ɛddəkɑ], English pronunciation [ˌeɪdzdəkɑːŋ]) is called the aide , secretary or personal assistant to a high-ranking person, usually a senior military officer or the head of state of a country.


The term has been used in French since the 16th century . The role of (or a) aide-de-camp is usually performed by a younger person who has earned this honorary post through special distinction. She holds a significant position of trust.


The aide-de-camp's job is to act as a link between his superior and the rest of the chain of command. In addition, the aide-de-camp ensures compliance with the protocol . He generally supports his superiors with advice and assistance and takes care of his well-being, e.g. B. by providing drinks or seating.

Honorary title

In some states, the aide-de-camp is purely an honorary title. It is then abbreviated to ADCH (Aide-de-camp honoraire) .

British Royalty

In the Commonwealth , the title of “personal aide-de-camp” can be conferred on the monarch or his governors. Such an aide-de-camp may have the suffix “ADC” or “A de C” - an aide-de-camp of the monarch “ADC (P)”.

In the House of Windsor , the current heir to the throne, Prince Charles , bears the title Aide-de-camp to Her Majesty . On April 16, 2011, Group Captain TJ O'Brien was appointed personal aide-de-camp to succeed Group Captain TA Barratt .


The aide-de-camp usually wears an armpit cord on the right shoulder as a sign of identification for his uniform .

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