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Air hockey

Air hockey (also: air hockey ) is a game of skill for two to four players that is mainly played in arcades . Sports competitions with championships exist in the USA and some other countries.

Material and function

The game is played on a special table the size of a pool table . A flat, smooth plate serves as a playing field. On some tables, air is blown through many small holes, creating an air cushion under the puck on which the puck glides very quickly with practically no friction losses . Each player has a special bat that resembles a small, palm-sized plastic sombrero. It protects the player's fingers and allows the puck to accelerate quickly thanks to its hard-elastic exterior . Because of this, as well as the hard-elastic outer band, the puck achieves a high playing speed.

The puck must not be hit when it is spinning, otherwise there is a risk that it will lift off the field and be thrown off the table. In order to avoid pucks flying through the air at high speed in amusement arcades, the tables are often surrounded by nets or plexiglass.

Racket used in the game
Illuminated and curved air hockey table


Air hockey is an informal game and players usually agree on the rules before it starts. However, there are a few basic rules that have been adopted from US tournament rules:

  1. The first player to collect seven points wins the game.
  2. If the puck falls into a player's goal, the player's opponent receives one point. Unless the referee stopped play or the offensive player committed a foul during or before the shot.
  3. After each game, the players change the table side.
  4. The player who scores the goal receives the puck for the next service.
  5. A player may only touch the puck with his hand after it is in the goal.
  6. A player is allowed to play on the playing surface with only one stick at a time. The violation results in a foul.
  7. The puck may be hit with any part of the club.
  8. The puck must not be "topped" by lifting the club and placing it on the puck. This may not be done at any time before or after a service or during the game. The offense is a foul. Using the stick to bring a puck from the air to the table or the opponent's goal is not a top injury, regardless of which side or edge of the puck is hit.
  9. Only one puck can be in play at any given time.
  10. A player has seven seconds to make a stroke that crosses the center line. The seven seconds begin as soon as the puck hits the player's side and stays on his side of the center line. Violating this rule is a foul.
  11. When the puck is in contact with part of the center line, any player can play the puck.
  12. A player can stand anywhere on the table on their side of the center line. It must not cross the center line.
  13. If any part of a player's hand, arm, body or clothing touches the puck, the referee will indicate "hand" indicating a foul.
  14. Each player can take a break per game. The time-out must not be longer than 10 seconds.
  15. A player may only exercise his time-out when the puck is in his possession or not in play.
  16. A player must clearly indicate a time-out so that the referee understands the player's intention.
  17. When a player receives a goal, he has ten seconds to remove the puck from the goal and bring it into play. The ten seconds begin as soon as the puck has completely fallen through the goal and is available to the player. This rule is suspended during a break.
  18. The penalty for a foul is loss of the puck.

Game forms

Air hockey can be played in different forms these days. On the one hand, in addition to the classic arcade tables, there are also versions for private individuals and small on-table versions. The digital air hockey tables, which realize the air hockey game within a multi-touch environment, are an innovation. The players compete against each other at a touchscreen table .

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