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The Allgemeine Musikgesellschaft was founded in 1876 and aims to maintain and promote music in the city of Basel , in particular by organizing concerts. The focus of the events is on classical symphony concerts , which are usually performed in the «music hall» of the city ​​casino .

The Allgemeine Musikgesellschaft came into being in 1876 through the merger of the Concert Society and the Capell Society, which had dominated public musical life since 1826 and 1855, respectively. The merger was initiated by the construction of the music hall, which replaced the acoustically unsuitable rooms of the city casino used at the time. The Allgemeine Musikgesellschaft united the role of concert organizer and orchestra carrier until 1921, when economic problems after the First World War forced a different solution. The orchestra (since 1996 the Basel Symphony Orchestra ) was spun off and transferred to the “Basler Orchester-Gesellschaft”, which has been subsidized by the state (since 2011, the “Basel Symphony Orchestra Foundation”). The Allgemeine Musikgesellschaft, also known as “AMG”, has been the most important organizer of classical concerts in Basel since it was founded. Dr. Christophe Sarasin has been President of the Allgemeine Musikgesellschaft since 2014.


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