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Bank-Verlag Medien GmbH

legal form GmbH
founding 2006 (emerged from Bank-Verlag , founded in 1961)
Seat Cologne , Germany
management Wilhelm Niehoff
Number of employees k. A.
Branch Media, banking

The Bank-Verlag Medien GmbH , based in Cologne was a subsidiary of Bank-Verlag . On April 16, 2012, Bank-Verlag Medien GmbH was merged with the parent company, Bank-Verlag GmbH.

publishing company

The Die Bank-Verlag Medien GmbH emerged in 2006 from the Bank-Verlag. Wilhelm Niehoff was in charge and the company was based in Cologne. As an independent company, Bank-Verlag Medien GmbH operated the conception, production and distribution of information, training and further education as well as advertising media, including magazines, books and internet-based services.


Important publications included the magazine titles and reference works:

  • Die Bank - monthly trade journal
  • Risk Manager - fortnightly trade journal
  • Banking law and banking practice - standard literature for bank lawyers (loose-leaf work in print and digital)

Bank-Verlag Medien GmbH also offered an extensive range of books in the banking and financial services sector, web-based training courses , events, forms and platforms for processing contract forms or online information.

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