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Kit gramophone (circa 1930), assembled

A kit (also known as an assembly kit or just a kit ) is a set of individual, unassembled parts. It is often offered as an inexpensive variant of a fully assembled model or device. The special thing about kits is that the assembly costs are saved and that a certain learning effect is achieved. Therefore, kits are mostly found in filigree models ( model kits for model aircraft , model railroad accessories, etc.). There are also kits in the field of electronics and electrical engineering . Another field for construction kits is toys that use the learning effect. There are also kit houses. All materials are delivered to the client and the construction is left to him.

With a kit, only one or a few models or devices or variants can usually be assembled. In contrast, a construction kit can usually be used to build a large number of models or devices, or these allow a wide variety of free play.

The experiment kit for technically interested children and young people is a special further development . Popular topics of such boxes are physics (mechanics, optics, mirror games ) as well as chemistry and electrical engineering / electronics.

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