Sheet metal braking

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A sheet brake is a brake ultimate opportunity for a car such. B. when going downhill. In doing so, the driver deliberately scrapes the car against a wall, rock face, guardrail or the like until the car comes to a standstill.

Sheet metal braking is only used if other braking options do not lead to success, as it usually causes severe damage to the car. The main use case is a brake failure on the downhill route. First, however, the driver should try to pump several times with the brake pedal in order to compress the vapor bubbles in the brake fluid . At the same time, he should shift down and take his foot off the accelerator to use the engine brake . You can also try to reduce the speed with the handbrake . If this does not help, the driver can try to control an uphill junction (an emergency lane where available ) or a junction that would otherwise slow down the journey, such as a dirt road. If this does not help either, the only thing left is sheet metal braking.

Sheet metal braking is recommended by experts for emergencies, but non-professional drivers generally shy away from using this method and are often overwhelmed in the corresponding psychological emergency situation.