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As Crippleware (Engl. Cripple = crippled, the German as crippleware ) refers to a product which is significantly limited by lack of functions and their restrictions are lifted only after any purchase. For example, the user should be able to look into the software, but at the same time be motivated to purchase the full product due to the strong limitation of functionality.

Examples of restrictions on crippleware are:

  • Lack of functionality to save or convert to other file formats
  • Lack of printing or memory functions so that the software can be tested but the end result cannot be saved.
  • Limitations - e.g. B. When encoding a limitation of five minutes of length
  • Forced display of the manufacturer or brand name , e.g. B. in converted movies
  • Limitation of ranges for electric cars, for example from the manufacturer Tesla
  • Limitation of the functionality of standard photo camera chips in entry-level models

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