The scales of the Baleks

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The scales of the Baleks is a story by Heinrich Böll (1917–1985) that became a classic textbook. It was first published on June 13, 1953 in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung .


The scales of the powerful entrepreneurial family Balek von Bilgan, with which the purchase of mushrooms and medicinal herbs is accounted for in a small village near Prague, is deliberately incorrectly calibrated in order to deliberately cheat the farmers and farmers' children who deliver. Since the Baleks have decreed that no one is allowed to have scales, the deception is not noticed for generations, only the twelve-year-old Franz Brücher, grandfather of the first-person narrator, comes across him. The revolting peasants and workers are unable to assert themselves against the power of the Baleks, however, and their uprising is suppressed by force.


The story outlines the dependence and powerlessness of people in relation to the machinations of the rulers in a capitalist-monarchist society. As is typical for him, Böll links communism and Christianity: the subject of the revolt of the exploited against the exploiters is for him identical with the work of Christ; this is what the hymn used as a leitmotif stands for: "Justice of the earth, O Lord, has killed you". In addition, Böll has probably hidden a deeper meaning in the name "Balek von Bilgan": " Baal " is hidden in "Balek" , the god of materialism, and "Bilgam" is a giant who protects a god and is invulnerable because of his mother .


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