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The term domain parking (also domain parking ) describes the temporary filling of an Internet domain with advertising or other content until the domain is used or sold at a later date.


Domain parking enables domain owners not to leave domains that are temporarily not needed idle, but instead to generate corresponding income by placing advertising links (e.g. through text ads from Google or Yahoo ), i.e. to park . The income results from the remuneration of the domain parking provider for clicking the advertising links by visitors to the domains.

The aim here is to generate income that is higher than the registration and administration costs of the domain. Instead of projecting individual domains, selling or leasing can also be the goal.

The domain names can be terms for Internet projects that are not yet active or are no longer active, known search terms, spellings that differ from existing domain names (e.g. with typing errors ), etc.

In particular Expired domains are particularly suitable for the temporary domain parking, provided they are not to be provided with other content.

Professional approach

In Germany there are several commercial providers who allow domain owners to park domains. Some providers also offer sales and auction platforms for domains.

There are also commercial providers who register expired domains according to the customer's wishes and automatically populate them with content in order to enable varied domain parking without the customer having to make technical interventions himself.

The visitor flows consist of search results from the search engines or existing links from other websites (especially in the case of expired domains), as well as direct entries of domains in the browser's input line.

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