Dragon (magazine)

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description RPG magazine
language English
publishing company Paizo Publishing
First edition June 1976
attitude September 2007 (print)
Frequency of publication per month
Editor-in-chief Steve Winter

Dragon (originally called The Dragon ) was a print magazine for the role-playing game rules Dungeons & Dragons . It was first published in June 1976 by D&D publisher TSR as a follow-up to The Strategic Review magazine (9 issues, from 1975). The magazine appeared on a monthly basis until September 2007, when it was discontinued as a print edition with issue # 359 of Wizards of the Coast, as did its sister magazine Dungeon . Instead, it was continued as an online magazine with a consecutive issue number.

Although the magazine generally dealt with the topics of fantasy and role-playing games, it mainly served as a communication organ for the D&D manufacturers TSR and Wizards of the Coast and therefore also focused on reviews and articles accompanying the corresponding products. In addition to the role-playing and fantasy articles, the magazine published reviews of computer games related to fantasy, science fiction or role-playing games.

Between 1999 and 2003 the Körner-Verlag published Dragon: your official magazine for Dungeons & Dragons, a German offshoot ( ISSN  0946-9826 ).


  • Origins Award
    • 1986: Best Professional Roleplaying Magazine of 1985
    • 1990: Best Professional Adventure Gaming Magazine of 1989
    • 1994: Best Professional Gaming Magazine of 1993
    • 1995: Best Professional Gaming Magazine of 1994 , Origins Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame
    • 2004: Best Game Related Periodical 2003
    • 2007: Best Non-Fiction Publication of the Year 2006

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