Three knife cutting machine

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The three-knife trimmer is a machine part in the binding line or book line of a book manufacturing company, which trims (cuts) the book block or brochure including the cover from three pages (not on the spine ) at the same time. A three-knife trimmer should not be confused with the trimmers used in saddle stitchers (bookbinding) , as both work according to different cutting principles.


Three-knife cutting machines work according to the knife cut principle (not the shear cut principle). Two side and one front knife are moved diagonally from top to bottom. The knives move along the firmly fixed cutting bar and the material to be cut is cut on this bar, being fixed under pressure by a press ram. Front and side trims are out of phase so that they do not interfere with each other. A three-knife cutter can be used individually, but also in combination in a flow section in an adhesive binding line .

Individual evidence

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