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The Professional Association of the Mineral Oil Industry (FVMI) is a nationwide professional organization ( corporation under public law ) in the area of ​​the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and, as a legal representation of interests, a link between business and the public. Members are Austrian companies that seek out and extract crude oil (upstream), transport and store it in pipelines (midstream), process it in their own or affiliated refineries, and sell mineral oil products (downstream). The association currently has 28 active oil companies from the up, mid and downstream sectors.

Main activities

In addition to the extensive legal representation of interests in accordance with the Chamber of Commerce Act (WKG), the FVMI's area of ​​responsibility includes regular queries such as the weekly survey of petrol station prices for fuels in accordance with the Price Transparency Act for an EU-wide comparison, company-neutral evaluations and information for regional zones in Germany for the Federal Ministry for sustainability and tourism.

Collective agreement negotiations for the member companies

The collective bargaining negotiations with the union of private employees , printing, journalism, paper as well as with the union PRO-GE for around 4000 employees are a central task of the professional association. The joint collective agreement for employees in the Austrian mineral oil industry is published and regularly updated in print and on the FVMI website as well as in the collective agreement collection of the WKO.

Statements as industry representative

The Association of the Mineral Oil Industry is responsible for the coordination and drafting of statements within the framework of the industry-specific assessment of EU directives and national draft laws and regulations for ministries and other authorities.

Professional support for relevant topics

Sector-relevant areas, such as environmental and energy issues (energy efficiency, climate strategy, emissions trading, particulate matter, fuel and biofuel regulations, standards, sewage and waste, REACH, etc.), tax, trade law and social policy issues are dealt with by the Association of the Mineral Oil Industry in cooperation with Company representatives professionally and organizationally supported.

Promotion of the flow of information within the industry

Sector-specific information as well as information on general economic issues are passed on to the member companies in cooperation and coordination with the relevant specialist departments of the WKO.

Managing directors

The managing director of the FVMI is Christoph Capek, the chairman of the association is Thomas Gangl from OMV.

Individual evidence

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