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As Faktitiv [order] is in the linguistics a - - in Germany about since the beginning of the 19th century verb or (in that of Charles J. Fillmore justified case grammar ) a deep case referred of causing.

The factitive verb differs in some definitions from the causative verb in that it is the direct induction of the verb stem expresses designated state (for example, "black".) While the causative verb generally means causing a same state; The factitiva are then a subclass of the causatives (see there for more information on education in German).

In Charles Fillmore's case grammar, the term factitive is used to denote the semantic role of objects that are generated by an event (also: efficient objects ), e.g. B. "the poem" in the sentence "I wrote a poem".

The designation must be distinguished from the term factual , to which there is no contextual connection.

Individual evidence

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