Fender showman

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The Fender Showman was a guitar amplifier made by Fender and was produced from 1960 to 1993. The amplifier later developed into a product line with the so-called "Blackface" and "Silverface" models Showman , Dual Showman , Showman Reverb and Dual Showman Reverb . The look is reminiscent of the Bassman and Bandmaster products. The amp is often associated with surf guitarist Dick Dale and pedal steel guitarists . However, rock musicians like Eric Clapton also played the amplifier.


  • 1960–1962: Showman 12 with a 12-inch JBL D120 loudspeaker, Showman 15 with a 15-inch JBL D130 loudspeaker; "Cream" optics
  • from 1963: Dual Showman and Showman with two 15 inch JBL D130F loudspeakers or one 15 inch JBL D130 loudspeaker, the Single Showman
  • Showman Reverb
  • Dual Showman Reverb
  • "Red Knob" Showman with red buttons and knobs