Flemish fold

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Flemish fold on style pipe fittings

As Flemish fold is sewn referred folds of a window decoration .

It is a higher-quality alternative to rail or curling ribbon or the folding strip as the upper end of a curtain or a curtain.

It is characterized by the very precise formation of folds with smooth spaces between the individual folds. Since the folds are sewn in individually, their distance can be precisely matched to the pattern of a fabric.

A stiff band is first sewn onto the upper edge of the window decoration . The fabric is folded at the place of the fold and sewn together with a special hook. As a result, the head of the folds is firmly fixed and, in contrast to other folds that were formed by the puckering of a tape, can no longer slip.

The sewn-in hook is used to hang the decoration on a rail. It is usually hung in a glider that runs in the curtain rail. A combination with style pipe fittings is also possible.