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Goodweave seal

Goodweave (own spelling GoodWeave , from English good "gut", weave "weave") is a seal of approval for carpets, which is supposed to prove that the manufacture did not involve child labor . The seal is awarded by the organization GoodWeave International for carpets from Nepal and India .

History and purpose

The origin of the seal goes back to the struggle of non-governmental organizations such as Bread for the World , Misereor , terre des hommes , Unicef and committed carpet companies against exploitative child labor. GoodWeave International has been committed to eliminating illegal child labor in carpet production since 1995.

The organization’s certification and inspection process aims to end child labor in the carpet industry, enable children to have a good education and adult weavers to have decent working conditions.

Manufacturers and dealers who receive the GoodWeave seal as licensees are contractually obliged to manufacture their carpets without child labor and to comply with the relevant standards. This is regularly checked on site by independent inspectors. Each seal has a code that allows the origin of the carpet to be traced.

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