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With Homepage ( Engl. , Literally "home page") is a website called, which is a whole website. In a narrower sense, it describes the page that is displayed as the central starting page of a website. In a broader sense, homepage is also used as a term for an entire website and is equated with the website .

Homepage as starting page

Homepage usually refers to the first page that is displayed when a web address is called up and from which the other contents of the website can be called up. The sub-pages usually have a link that leads back to the homepage so that you can navigate centrally from there. The homepage is therefore also referred to as an index page, front page, entry page, main page or start page .

Originally was understood as a homepage HTML file in the root directory (root) of the folder structure consists of a website.

The startup files usually bear the name index.html, index.htm, home.html, home.htm, default.html, default.htmor index.php. Depending on the structure of the web server , this page is either the homepage itself or redirects to the actual homepage.

  • When calling https://example.com, the resource is https://example.com/index.htmlcalled - both entries are identical with regard to the called resource (this applies provided that the server is configured in such a way that it transmits the page index.html in the first case ).
  • When calling up https://de.wikipedia.org, the page is https://de.wikipedia.org/index.htmloutput to the browser in the same way as in the example above . The resource is then https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Hauptseite forwarded via the index.html file . This resource is also https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedia:Hauptseitecalled.

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