Honey room

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Harvest from a non-incubated honeycomb from the honey room with dark honeydew honey (approx. 2 kg)

As honey chamber in which is beekeeping the upper region of a hive referred to in the honey bees in the honeycomb larger amounts of honey create -Vorräten.

In the case of a magazine hive , it is the upper frame, in the case of an aftertreatment hive it is the upper space. The honey room is only during the growing season available, as only in this time enough costumes can be used by the bees to the plant of honey supplies.

A barrier is often placed between the brood chamber (the lower part of the hive) and the honey chamber . This has a mesh size that allows normal bees to slip through, but prevents the larger queen from entering. The advantage is that the queen cannot lay her eggs in the honeycomb, so that no bee larvae or eggs get into the honey when it is hurled.

The non-incubated honeycombs also offer the wax moth poor reproduction opportunities , as it feeds on the residues that the bee larvae leave in the cells. The honeycombs can therefore be stored well (outside of the bee colony) after harvesting in autumn.