Annual cycle

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The annual cycle represents the typical development of a parameter over the year . A prerequisite for determining the annual cycle of a parameter is a time series over many years. Are the data z. B. daily before and if a monthly time resolution is desired for the annual cycle, then you must first decide whether the days of a month should be averaged or totaled. Temperature would e.g. B. averaged, amounts of precipitation added and the number of hours of sunshine depends on the application. Then twelve averages are formed, one for all January, one for February, etc.

If the time series is not complete and has a trend , for example , then modeling is necessary with the annual cycle and other model parameters. If you are interested in the trend or its course (see tendency ), then you will adjust the time series for the annual variation .

In addition to monthly evaluations, quarterly evaluations are also common in business, while harmonious analysis is more common in natural sciences .