Liver Berlin style

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Liver Berlin style with fried apple slices, onion rings and mashed potatoes.

Leber Berliner Art is a classic Berlin cuisine dish made from veal liver , fried apple slices and onion rings .

For preparation, slices of veal liver that are not too thick are seasoned with salt and pepper, rolled in flour and briefly seared on both sides in butter. The liver should still be light pink inside. Then apple slices and onion rings are also fried in butter. The fried liver is then served on plates or a platter, over which you put the onions and then the apple slices. Sprinkle everything with chopped parsley. Mashed potatoes and lettuce are served as a side dish.
Another method of preparation is to peel sour apples, quarter them, cut into slices, fry them in butter in a pan and keep warm. The peeled onions are cut into half slices and fried brown in butter. The sliced ​​veal liver is turned in flour and briefly fried in butter with a dash of oil on both sides so that it stays rosy on the inside. Then salt and pepper are added. Finally, the apples and onions are poured over the liver and everything is poured abundantly with clarified butter. As a side dish, there is mashed potatoes, green salad and fresh carrots in parsley or fresh runner beans.

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