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The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive is a multi-award winning website of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Its main authors and operators are mathematicians John J. O'Connor and Edmund F. Robertson . In particular, it contains many biographies of important historical and contemporary mathematicians as well as other articles on the history of mathematics .

The website emerged in 1994 from the Mathematical MacTutor system , a kind of mathematics database with hypertext , for which O'Connor and Robertson won the European Academic Software award in the same year . The name MacTutor was derived from the fact that the first version for Macintosh computers was developed with the hypercard software. As early as 1997 it had 1162 biographies and materials totaling 28  megabytes . In 2015, the site had over 2,800 biographies and was one of the most visited math websites, according to the University of St. Andrews. The London Mathematical Society awarded from her two operators O'Connor and Robertson with Hirst Prize that year.

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