Magirus-Deutz Uranus

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Week 16
Matchbox box of a KW model

The Magirus-Deutz Uranus was a truck model from the German commercial vehicle manufacturer Magirus-Deutz in Ulm. With 250 hp from an air-cooled V12 engine from Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz , the Uranus was the most powerful truck produced in Germany of its time.

The heavy, three-axle vehicle came onto the market in 1954 as the "A12000 Uranus" and served as a chassis for fire brigade and military crane trucks as well as for heavy tractors. There were also variants as a tractor unit and dump truck , mainly for export .

A weaker version with 170 hp was also available as the “Uranus 170A”.

The first fire service crane truck appeared in 1956 with KW 15. This model was unrivaled on the market at the time, not only in terms of engine power, but also in terms of the crane's load capacity of around 15 tons. The crane truck was later upgraded to a load capacity of 20 tons (first KW 16, then KW 20).

As part of a change in the model nomenclature at Magirus-Deutz, the Uranus changed its name in 1964 to "250D25". The 250 stood for 250 hp, the 25 for 25 tons total weight.

Production ended in 1975. A total of around 1570 pieces of the A12000 Uranus or 250D25 were made. The main customers were the fire brigade and the military. Numerous vehicles still exist in classic car collections today .


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