Marja Timmermans

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Marja Timmermans (* 1964 ) is a Dutch plant geneticist.

Timmermans studied in the Netherlands and went to Rutgers University and Yale University in the USA. From 1998 she was at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory , where she became an assistant professor in 2001 and a full professor in 2009. In 2015 she received a Humboldt Professorship and moved to the University of Tübingen .

She investigated how leaves in plants develop on a molecular biological level. As your cells are surrounded by cellulose cell walls, the question arises as to how the position information is transmitted during morphogenesis. In plants, they are exchanged between the cells via small channels (plasmodesmata). As Timmermans found in plants (she used Arabidopsis as a model plant), in contrast to animals, signal substances also include small RNA molecules (microRNA), which can also intervene directly in gene expression.

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