Master of the Altarpiece by Pierre de Wissant

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Master of the Altar of Pierre de Wissant (Maître du retable de Pierre de Wissant): Altar of Pierre de Wissant - detail; The founder with St. Magdalena, around 1410, Laon

As a master of the altar of Pierre de Wissant ( Fri Maître du retable de Pierre de Wissant) or master of Pierre de Wissant altar is medieval painter called, of around 1410 in France , the altar for an altar painted. The artist, who is not known by name, created them on behalf of the cleric Pierre de Wissant, canon at the cathedral of Laon . In the picture of the Annunciation of the founders, along with the holy Magdalena in its detail and very realistically painted Regalia shown.

The work was written during the Hundred Years War , the Anglo-French dispute over the succession to the throne in France between 1337 and 1453. During the dispute over clear central power, it was also the church and rich aristocrats in the provinces who promoted the arts. Artists from the provinces and surrounding other European regions then brought new impulses to Paris . In their eagerness to show potential clients their craftsmanship there, the painters developed a fine style that emphasizes the details and kept innovating in iconography and choice of motifs.

Perhaps the master of the altarpiece by Pierre de Wissant could be Colart de Laon , a painter who created numerous works of art for various French nobles between 1377 and 1417 and also worked at the court of the French king, for example for the crown prince.

The work of the master of the altarpiece by Pierre de Wissant can now be found in Laon in the Musée d'Art et d'Archéologie. His analysis can give interesting insights into the painting style with oil on wood in France at the beginning of the 15th century and the work was also shown in 2004 after a restoration as part of an exhibition on painting in Paris around 1400 in the Musée du Louvre.


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