Meteorological expressions

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In meteorology ( meteorology ), internationally defined technical terms are used to improve understanding between researchers and between researchers and users (example: sea ​​weather report , Navtex ). Here is a list in German, English, Spanish and French:

The tables can be sorted alphabetically by language.

Wind force

Bft node Wind force
wind force
fuerza del viento
force de vent
0 00 0 quiet calm calma calme
1 01 1-3 soft pull light air ventolina très légère breeze
2 02 4-6 Light breeze light breeze brisa débil, flojito légère breeze
3 03 7-10 gentle breeze gentle breeze brisa débil, flojo petite breeze
4th 04 11-15 moderate breeze moderate breeze brisa moderada jolie breeze
5 05 16-21 Fresh breeze fresh breeze brisa fresca bonne breeze
6th 06 22-27 strong wind strong breeze brisa fuerte vent frais
7th 07 28-33 stiff wind near gale viento fuerte, frescachón grand frais
8th 08 34-40 stormy wind Gael viento duro coup de vent
9 09 41-47 Storm strong gale viento muy duro fort coup de vent
10 10 48-55 heavy storm storm temporal tempête
11 11 56-63 hurricane-like storm violent storm temporal duro, borrasca violente tempête
12 12 > 64 hurricane hurricane huracan ouragan


Strength Swell
state of sea
estado del mar
état de la mer
0 mirror-smooth sea calm-glassy calma calme
1 calm seas calm-rippled mar rizada calme, ridée
2 weakly moving sea smooth wavelets marejadilla belle, vagulette
3 slightly moving sea slight marejada peu agitée
4th moderately agitated sea moderate fuerte marejada agitée
5 rough sea rough mar gruesa forte
6th very rough sea very rough mar muy gruesa très forte
7th high seas high mar arbolada size
8th very high seas very high mar montañosa très big
9 exceptionally heavy seas phenomenal mar enormous enormous


view Miles
or meters (fog)
9 9 25 nm exceptional good view excellent v. excelente v. excellent v.
8th 8th 10 nm very good view very good v. muy buena v. tres bonne
7th 7th 5 nm good view good v buena v bonne
6th 6th 2 nm moderate visibility moderate v. moderada v. moyenne
5 5 1 sm slightly hazy poor v. escasa v. r réduite
4th 4th 0.5 nm hazy very poor v muy escasa v. très réduite
3 3 500 m thin fog moderate fog niebla moderada brouillard tenu
2 2 200 m moderate fog fog niebla brouillard
1 1 50 m heavy fog thick fog niebla espesa brouillard épais
0 0 <50m thick fog dense fog niebla densa brouillard très épais


German English Spanish French
Deep low pressure baja presión Profond
Low pressure area low pressure region zona de bajas presiones zone de basse pression
High high pressure alta presión forte pression
High pressure area high pressure region zona de altas presiones zone de haute pression