New substance

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New substances (ger .: new chemical substance also Notified new substance (NONS) ) are chemical law after the enactment of the national Chemicals Act , the gaming materials. These are legally regulated differently (mostly stricter) than those that were on the market before the respective law came into force ( existing substances ).

In the European Union, these were substances that came on the market after September 18, 1981 (the corresponding date of the former European chemical law) and are listed in the ELINCS list.

In the European Union, the term has been obsolete since the REACH regulation came into force . Now the term non-phase-in substance is used for new substances. Before they are manufactured or imported in quantities of more than one ton per year and per manufacturer or importer, non-phase-in substances must be registered in accordance with the REACH regulation . The new substances of the old law are also considered registered according to REACH. However, this registration still belongs to the original applicant for the new substance.