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The original packaging (abbreviated OVP ) is the packaging in which a product is delivered by the manufacturer . As a rule, it optimally protects the product along the entire route in order to minimize transport damage.

The abbreviation OVP has several meanings, among other things it can also mean in the original packaging.

Use of the abbreviation OVP

The abbreviation OVP is often used in online auction houses or in newspaper and magazine sales advertisements. This can mean that the original packaging is available and is also being sent, or that the goods are still in their original packaging, i.e. in the unopened original packaging. This is often indicated with "NEW + OVP". In general, however, misunderstandings about this are possible.

There is a separate market for original packaging itself . Therefore, only the individual packaging is offered for sale in individual cases . Selling original boxes without the actual product or evidence of it is fraud .

Warranty case

In the event of a warranty which is returned in original packaging often by manufacturers desired, can thus be determined on the basis of other identification, whether it is a decent purchase through an authorized dealer is. The background is abuse through plagiarism .

In individual cases, exchanged goods will be repackaged in a new, original-like manner by the specialist staff .

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