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View of the Osu district

Osu or Christiansborg is a district of Accra , the capital of Ghana with around 44,000 inhabitants.

The two names used at the same time are derived from the former Swedish castle Christiansborg or Osu Castle , which is located in this district and where the seat of government of Ghana was housed until 2012. Although Osu has its own government, it is also part of Accra, the capital of Ghana. Accra was formed from the three coastal cities Osu (Danish Accra or Christiansborg), James Town (formerly British Accra) and Kinka (Dutch Accra), which is why the Ghanaians differentiate between Osu and Accra. Osu stretches along the coast between those parts of Accra that were formerly called Ussher Town or Dutch Accra, and La, which was also called Labadi ten years ago . In the new districts of Osu, on Cantonment Road, which is also known as "Oxford Street", supermarkets, restaurants and nightclubs are concentrated.

The district government of Accra Metropolis has divided the city into four income zones to determine the levels of poverty and wealth in the different parts of the city. Osu has been classified in the second highest of four income brackets.

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