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Partnership International eV (PI) is a non-profit association for international encounters and exchange programs. On the one hand, PI looks after German students who take part in exchange programs in English-speaking countries. At the same time, the association also accompanies international guest students and their host families in Germany.


The association was founded in the 1960s by former Fulbright scholars . US Senator James William Fulbright was honorary president of the association until his death in 1995. Since 1993, Partnership International eV has been looking after German and American scholarship holders of the Parliamentary Sponsorship Program (PPP) on behalf of the German Bundestag.

Purpose of the association

From the statutes: “The purpose of the association is to promote international, scientific, educational and cultural encounters. The association particularly promotes the exchange of young people, especially from the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States of America. "


The association consists of approx. 670 members. These elect an honorary board every three years. The board consists of the two chairmen, treasurer, secretary and two assessors. Currently (as of April 2019) the following persons hold these tasks as elected representatives of the members:

Chair: Jasmin Friedel (Düsseldorf), Deputy Chair: position currently vacant, Treasurer: Mario Arnold (Paderborn), Secretary: Stephanie Kohl (Brussels), Assessor: Fabian Gluck (Hamburg), Assessor: Michaela Köser-Segschneider (Siegburg).

The association is based in Cologne. In addition to the full-time employees, the work of the association is based on the commitment of voluntary members throughout Germany.

Program countries

England, Ireland, USA, Canada

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