Percussion weapon

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Percussion lock of the Le Page in loading stop, without primer

Percussion weapons ( Latin percutere , to strike) are firearms that are fitted with a percussion lock. In the historical development of the handguns they solved the flintlock - weapons , and in turn, were later replaced by the breech-loading weapons with metal cartridges.

In the case of percussion weapons, the propellant charge is ignited via a primer cap , which is placed on a so-called piston , which is attached to the barrel root on the side of the barrel of the rifle or pistol . The piston can be attached to the right or left of the barrel, depending on how the shooter handles it, whether right or left shooter. In the case of the underhammer pistol, the piston is screwed into the barrel from below. Ignition is done by the cock that sits in front of the trigger on the underhammer pistol. Compared with the flintlock weapon, the powder is ignited faster and more safely.

Only the invention of the primer and the development of the percussion lock made the development of modern revolvers possible, see percussion revolver .

Percussion weapons are still used today in sport shooting .