Rection compound

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Rection compound is a term from the theory of word formation. Such a compound has a so-called. Head (last part of the word) with specific Rektionseigenschaften , mostly because the second part is often a derived noun stem, in turn, from its base (a verb - or adjective strain ) certain Valenzeigenschaften maintains.

Example: money laundering search The verb search occupies its object position with a prepositional object → search for someone or for something ; just as if this verb is substantiated to search for sb. or sth. If this noun becomes the head of a compound, then the first component can retain the role of the prepositional object: sb. is looking for money launderers → search for money launderers → money laundering search

Interpretation of the compound word

The interpretation of the compound cannot be arbitrary, but must always be referred to the valence of the basic verb and the related semantic roles of the components.

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