Guidelines for the construction of roads - drainage

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Basic data
title Guidelines for the construction of roads - Part: Drainage
abbreviation RAS-Ew
number 539
scope of application Road drainage
Latest issue 2005
Previous edition 1987

The guidelines for the construction of roads - part: Drainage ( RAS-Ew for short ) are a technical set of rules valid in Germany for the construction and design of drainage systems on roads. They are published by the Research Association for Roads and Transportation . The 2005 edition is currently valid. It replaces the 1987 edition.


The RAS-Ew is divided into twelve sections. The first section deals with the planning and design of drainage systems. The second section explains surface drainage. Aboveground and underground drainage systems are listed in sections three and four. In addition to surface waters in section five, the Directive also regulates the planning dealing with passages , culverts and pumping stations. Section seven formulates principles for the retention of road surface water ( rain retention basins ). Sections eight to ten deal with the drainage of engineering structures (e.g. bridges) and roads in water protection areas . The last two sections provide guidelines for greening and measures for drainage systems.

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