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Ruckzuck (ruck, zuck) or rucki, zucki is a phrase in the German language and means "very quickly". For example, “It was quick and easy” means - “It was very quick”.

It is often attached to a command or included in an event description to express the speed of a process. Etymologically , the expression comes from jerking in the sense of moving something and twitching in the sense of violently pulling.

"Zuck" is still related to the verb to twitch - to zockeln , which expresses a slow and at the same time restless movement (the old wagon zocked over the country road), and with whip ( to draw the sword - to pull it out of its sheath quickly ). The English also belongs to "jerk". Verb to rock (to rock), which gave the fast dance rock 'n' roll its name.

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