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With the SIG Resource Record or Signature Resource Record , any resource records can be digitally signed within the framework of DNSSEC (DNS Security) . The SIG type is no longer in use and was replaced in 2004 by the almost identical RRSIG Resource Record .


A user who receives an answer to a DNS request (e.g. an IP address ) cannot be sure that the answer really comes from a regular name server and that it was not corrupted during the transport. The solution is to digitally sign Resource Records.

A digital signature requires a public key process. The name server, which is the master authoritative for a DNS entry, signs it with its private key. Resolvers can verify the digital signature at any time, provided they know the public key of the name server.


A SIG Resource Record consists of the following fields:

of the digitally signed RR
Current TTL
specifies how long this entry can be kept in the cache
always IN
of the signed RR - e.g. B. A , NS , SOA
Encryption algorithm
(1 = MD5 , 2 = Diffie-Hellman , 3 = DSA )
Number of name components
for wildcard resolution see RFC 2535
at the time of signature
Starting time
from which the signature is valid
End time
up to which the signature is valid
unique number
to distinguish between multiple signatures
Name of the signatory
actual signature


In this example, an A-RR is digitally signed:

www.child.example. 1285    IN A
www.child.example. 1285    SIG     (
                           A                 ; Typ ist A-RR
                           3                 ; DSA-Encryption
                           3                 ; Name hat 3 Komponenten
                           1285              ; Original-TTL
                           20040327122207    ; Anfangszeitpunkt
                           20040226122207    ; Endzeitpunkt
                           22004             ; eindeutige Nummer
                           child.example.    ; Name des Unterzeichners
                           U5kViDi+5amYW/GFCp0= )

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