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A self-help workshop is a workshop in which a user can do the work himself instead of hiring a professional.

Are widely used car -Selbsthilfewerkstätten, partially integrated into automotive repair shops, and bike -Selbsthilfewerkstätten such. B. Bikekitchens . Other fields are woodwork and carpentry, sewing work or artistic activities. In some cities, various offers are bundled in one house. Numerous workshop projects in Germany have come together in the Association of Open Workshops (VoW) in order to "jointly advance the idea of ​​self-employment".

Most of the time, self-help workshops are run by one or more specialists who help users to help themselves. Car self-help workshops are widespread and commercialized, often with the addition of "hobby workshop" or, more rarely, " rental workshop ". The workshop use is chargeable, is monthly or z. B. billed after quarter hours. Depending on the equipment, either the use of tools is included in the all-inclusive price or each (special) tool used is billed separately.

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