Ski base

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The ski base is a coating for the running surface of skis and snowboards . Different materials are used for this. Nowadays, sintered ultra high molecular weight polyethylenes or normal extruded polyethylenes are used. Ski coverings should be elastic , but at the same time offer the greatest possible mechanical wear resistance and have excellent sliding properties.

Extruded coverings are uncomplicated coverings as they slide well over the snow even with little or no wax . They do not take up much wax because the structure of the base is very dense.

On the other hand, some sintered coverings are very fast coverings that have a higher wax absorption and can therefore give off more wax when sliding. The sliding friction is reduced and high speeds can be achieved. Sintered surfaces are used for top skis, into which the finest silicate particles are incorporated. The fineness of these particles and the homogeneous distribution in the base result in improved wear and sliding behavior. The waxing of the covering also prevents it from graying (oxidizing). If minimal sliding resistance is desired, the ski base must be waxed regularly .

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