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Sprinkler is the name that comes from English and has the same name (to sprinkle = sprinkle, spray) for irrigation systems that are mostly driven by the pressure of the water flowing through them.

One area of ​​application is automatic irrigation in agriculture, gardening and landscape maintenance. Here they are called sprinklers , when watering the lawn they are called sprinklers .

The second area of ​​application is a permanently installed water-carrying pipe system for fire fighting in buildings, for which the word sprinkler system was adopted in the official German language.


The irrigation is used in the agricultural sector. It ensures that large areas can be irrigated quickly without much work. There are three different types of sprinkler irrigation. On the one hand the impulse sprinkler or rocker arm sprinkler . They are attached to the ground with a rod. Then there are the geared sprinklers , or pop-ups . They work through water pressure. Finally there are the permanently mounted sprinklers, for example the oscillating sprinklers . These are used for private use, but also for public spaces with lawns or meadows. Rocking lever sprinklers or submerged gear sprinklers are typical for professional systems .


With sprinkler irrigation you have a lot of freedom. On the one hand, you can determine what is sprayed on the surface, i.e. H. it does not necessarily have to be water. The area that is to be irrigated can also be freely chosen. This method of irrigation is also environmentally friendly. You use little water and you can also use rainwater. Frost protection irrigation takes place in spring. With this method, plants are specifically sprayed with water droplets, which creates a frosty warmth that protects the plants from the damage caused by the cold.


The disadvantages of sprinkler irrigation are, firstly, that it is very expensive. This is because the energy consumption is very high. The type of irrigation also does not work in strong winds or even storms, as the water does not come to earth in time, but is simply carried away by the wind.

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