Storage space (construction of dams)

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The storage space , the storage space or the reservoir of a dam or a weir is the space in which the water is dammed up, or may be accumulated. It is bounded at the bottom and to the side by the valley basin and at the top by the level of the flood relief system. If the overflow threshold is movable, the level of the raised flap applies.

The storage space is divided into

  • the pool area : the area from the bottom of the valley to the crown of the barrier structure
  • the total storage space: the space of the storage space plus the body of water that is dammed up over the flood relief system at the highest conceivable overflow (compare design flood ).
  • the usable space / service room : the storage volume regularly used for various purposes (between the storage target and the lowering target), regulated via the service outlet
  • the reserve room , also known as the iron stock : the room below the service outlet, but above the bottom outlet. It may only be used on special occasion (in some countries only with the consent of the Prime Minister).
  • the flood protection area : the volume that is reserved for flood protection and therefore may only be dammed in during floods.
  • the uncontrollable flood protection area : the damming lamella, which is only stowed when the flood relief system is in operation. The height of the uncontrollable flood protection area is determined by the height of the attack over the flood relief system. He creates the retention .
  • the dead space : the storage volume that is below the level of the deepest bottom outlet and therefore cannot be managed.
  • The free space forms the difference between the pool area and the total storage space . It therefore represents the volume between the highest storage target and the canopy that is not used even in the event of a design flood. The free space is often not counted as storage space.

The surface of the storage space is often called a reservoir .


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