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Tact (lat. Tactus , contact, impact ') stands for:

  • basic temporal structure of music, see measure (music)
  • Clock of a verse in literature and verse doctrine, see clocking verse principle
  • the steady movement of the horse, see tact (riding)
  • a section in the production of a bridge with the incremental launching method ;
  • an operating cycle of systems operated in intermittent operation, for example heating burners , see Boiler #Takten
  • Work cycle, the individual work cycles of the internal combustion engine
  • Timed timetable , type of timetable in public passenger transport
  • Tactitude , the learned ability to spare others from being ashamed in the interpersonal area.
  • Clock signal , clock cycle or clock frequency, a signal (or characteristic properties of a signal) for the temporal synchronization of actions in electronic switchgear such. B. a processor
  • Clocking , the division of the connection duration into specific time intervals when billing telecommunications services;
  • Cycle time , time span for the production of a certain number of pieces in production technology

Tact are:

  • TAKT , artist group

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