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Toden is an abbreviation for:

  • the former Tōkyō Toden electric tram network operated by the Tokyo Prefecture Traffic Department , see Tōkyō tramway
    • the last remaining tram line of the former Tōkyō-to Densha network in the north of Tokyo, see Toden Arakawa line
  • the Tosa Denki Tetsudō (English Tosa Electric Railway ), see tram Kōchi

Tōden is an abbreviation for:

  • the since 1951 known as "Tōden" energy supply and electricity company from Tokyo, see Tōkyō Denryoku
  • Tōkyō Dentō , existing electricity company until 1939 and indirect forerunner of Tōkyō Denryoku
  • Tōkyō Densha Tetsudō, a forerunner of the Tōkyō-to Densha existing between 1903 and 1905