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The upload [ ʌp.ləʊd ] (from English upload , for uploading or uploading ) referred to in the computer science a data flow from the local computer or a local storage medium to a remote computer. The flow of data in the other direction is known as download or downloading . In the context of transmitting data over the Internet , the process is also referred to as upstream (from English upstream hereinafter).

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For many Internet applications, e.g. For example, with ADSL the usual receive-send ratio ("download-upload" ratio) of data rates of 8: 1 (previously 6: 1) is sufficient, since more data is received from the local computer than is sent. For Internet users who often upload or send multimedia files, however, it is advisable to increase the transmission rate (“upload rate”), for example via an SDSL line (the data rate is the same in both directions).

The upload of data can be done via various communication protocols , e.g. B. HTTP or XModem . Encrypted protocols are e.g. B. HTTPS and SFTP .

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