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The tool changer on a machining center is a mechanical device for automatically changing tools or process-related aids such as measuring probes , grippers or measuring mandrels. With the help of the tool changer, tools are changed from the tool magazine to the machining spindle and vice versa. The change process takes place with single or double grippers or directly from the magazine into the spindle (pick-up changer). The tools can be stored in a disk magazine or a chain magazine in the machining center, for example. The tool change time is a measure of the speed of the tool changer . The tool change time has a direct influence on the chip-to-chip time of the manufacturing center , it is one of the non- productive times of machining.

The sequence of a tool change process depends on the constructive solution of the tool changer and the machine design.

The sequence or the logic of the tool change process is defined by the PLC and / or the changer macro by the machine tool manufacturer.


The tool change process is programmed with M06 in a CNC machining program according to DIN 66025 . The actual tool change process is initiated together with the specification of the tool Txx to be changed ( xx stands for the tool number or tool name) .


N115 ......
N120 G54 G80 G49 M05 M09 X-130 Y-95 Z-100 ;Beenden des vorherigen Arbeitsganges
N125 T12 M06 ;Werkzeug Nr. 12 wird in die Bearbeitungsspindel eingewechselt
:N130 G0 G90 G55 X-140 Y-105 Z-1 S2500 M03 M08 ;Hauptsatz des nächsten Arbeitsganges
N135 ......


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