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1 Öre, Sweden 1873
1 Öre, Sweden 1896
1 Øre, Denmark 1902

Øre or Öre (abbreviated Ø ) is the hundredth part of the currencies ( krone ) in the Scandinavian region .

The Danish krone , the Faroese krone and the Norwegian krone are divided into Øre ; in Öre the Swedish krona . Today only coins of 50 Øre are valid in Denmark.

In Denmark, up to October 1, 2008, 25 Øre were still in use. In Sweden, 50 Öre coins were valid until September 30, 2010, in Norway until May 1, 2012. Historically, there was also the Swedish Fyrk coin , which was worth a quarter of an Öre.

The name is derived from the Roman gold coin aureus . The Eyrir (plural Aurar ), the subdivision of the Icelandic krona , has the same linguistic origin, but was suspended in 2003 due to its low value. In the Faroe Islands , the Danish name is Øre Oyra (plural Oyrur ). There are no Faroese currency coins.

Individual evidence

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