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A graduate is the visitor to an educational institution shortly before or after the final exam , so the next professional step has not yet been completed.


As a rule, the successful completion of part of the existence of one or more tests that this success with certificates or certificates prove that from the associated verb attend derives that as much as do, serve; to bring something to a conclusion . This verb was already used in Middle High German, based on the Latin ab-solvere (absolutum) , which means to detach; to complete means used. The noun graduate comes from the Latin present participle complete , which denotes someone who leaves an educational institution after passing the exam. The regular use of this word in the German language goes back to around the 19th century.

As synonyms for graduate z. As such terms as dismissal students , exam candidates , graduates , DUT or Examinand used. The term “ Entlassschüler” can also be found in southern German . The term graduate is particularly popular in the official language .

The term graduate is used colloquially especially for university graduates. E.g. in job advertisements by using the word graduate, attention is drawn to the fact that we are expressly looking for applicants with a university degree without relevant professional experience.

The description of former graduates can be used as a more precise specification of the two otherwise not identical individual terms alumni and graduate , whereby the non-identity of both words results from deduction of the word origins for alumni (from formerly / earlier = a long time ago) and graduate . At universities in particular, former graduates are referred to as alumni . For example, in the Latin-English term alumnus (actually from Latin for pupil ; after a former student of a university), the terms alumni and graduate of a school are combined. It is often rumored that a former graduate of a former Former was, but due to the fact that the words graduate and former no synonyms , is not portable.

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