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Active Server Pages ( ASP ) is a successor to SSI developed by Microsoft , which uses one of the scripting languages VBScript , PerlScript or JScript to create web pages on the server side . ASP was originally only interpreted by the Internet Information Services (IIS) web server . There are now various ports for the Apache web server. ASP was released in 1996. With regard to web programming, this method can be put on a par with PHP , PerlScript, JSP , CFM and Perl. JSP (JavaServer Pages) is a possibility in the Java programming language to generate dynamic web content in addition to servlets .

ASP is no longer being developed by Microsoft. The successor ASP.NET replaced ASP with the appearance of the .NET Framework in 2002.

Hello world program in Classic ASP

Simple ASP script (outputs " Hello, World !"):

  ' Ausgabe auf dem Bildschirm
  Response.Write "Hallo, Welt!"

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