Adeimantos (Corinthians)

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Adeimantos (Greek Ἀδείμαντος Adeímantos ), son of Okytos, fled according to Herodotus (8, 94) with the Corinthian contingent commanded by him before the battle of Salamis . Herodotus' statement is wrong, however, because Adeimantos and his troops were supposed to guard the western approach to the Gulf. Here he was also involved in battles with Persian troops. In the Athenian propaganda he was also (probably wrongly) considered an opponent of Themistocles .

The reason for Herodotus' bad view of Adeimantos was probably the criticism of his son Aristeas (Aristeus), who was one of the most active opponents of Athens during the beginning Peloponnesian War . 432 BC He commanded a Corinthian auxiliary corps for the city of Potidaia, which had fallen away from Athens . He was later executed by the Athenians.