Joint Stock Company (Poland)

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The Spółka akcyjna shortly SA , the Polish form of joint-stock company .


A share capital of 100,000 złoty is required for the establishment . A share must have a nominal value of at least 1 grosz. The liability of this type of company in Poland is limited to the amount of the share capital. The company name of the stock corporation can be freely chosen, but must contain at least the abbreviation SA or SA .

In the founding phase, the persons involved and the company are jointly and severally liable for the obligations entered into. The entry in the state register results in a stock corporation as a legal person .


The stock corporation must have the organs of the general meeting, management board and supervisory board. The former is the main body and must be convened within six months of the financial year ended. This is done if the articles of association so regulate or if the management board or the supervisory board deems the general meeting to be necessary.

The board of directors represents the stock corporation and carries out its business. The supervisory board monitors the activities of the management board and consists of at least three, in the case of listed stock corporations at least five supervisory boards.

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