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The old Italian alphabet was used to write various languages ​​on the Italian peninsula. It is based on the Greek alphabet in a western variant and was adopted by the Greek settlers in Kyme . It served as the basis for the Latin alphabet and was also used for writing other languages, including a. in a variant for the Etruscan and one for the Venetian language and a number of languages ​​of the Italian branch of the Indo-European language family , u. a. the Oscar language and the Umbrian language .

Unicode implements the old Italian alphabet under the name Old Italic in the range U + 10300 to U + 1032F . The following table uses the characters defined in Unicode and can only be displayed if a suitable font is installed on the computer.

Letter Unicode Transliteration Surname
EtruscanA-01.svg ? a a
EtruscanB-01.svg ? b be
EtruscanC-01.svg ? c ke
EtruscanD-01.svg ? d de
EtruscanE-01.svg ? e e
EtruscanF-01.svg ? v ve
EtruscanZed.png ? z ze
EtruscanH-01.svg ? H hey
EtruscanTH-03.svg ? þ the
EtruscanI-01.svg ? i i
EtruscanK-01.svg ? k ka
EtruscanL-01.svg ? l el
EtruscanM-01.svg ? m em
EtruscanN-01.svg ? n en
EtruscanSH.png ? š esh
EtruscanO-01.svg ? O O
EtruscanP-01.svg ? p pe
EtruscanSuh.png ? ś she
EtruscanQ-01.svg ? q ku
EtruscanR-01.svg ? r he
EtruscanS-01.svg ? s it
EtruscanT-01.svg ? t te
EtruscanV-01.svg ? u u
EtruscanX-01.svg ? x eks
EtruscanPH-01.svg ? ph phe
EtruscanKH-01.svg ? ch khe
EtruscanF-02.svg ? f ef
? ř ers
? ç che
? í ii
? ú uu
character Unicode Roman number value
? I. 1
? V 5
? X 10
? L. 50

It is often assumed that the Germanic runic writing developed from the North Etruscan variant of this alphabet or the Alpine alphabets derived from it (Venetian, Rhaetian, Lepontic alphabet).

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