American Institute of Chemical Engineers

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The American Institute of Chemical Engineers ( AIChE for short ) is an American professional association for chemical and process engineers.

The association was founded in 1908 and today has over 40,000 members, many of them from outside the United States .


  • organizes scientific conferences (e.g. the AIChE Annual Meeting),
  • publishes scientific journals,
  • mediates jobs.

Technical Societies

Associated with the AIChE are specialist societies whose task is research and development in their subject areas, in particular by promoting cooperation between industry, government agencies and academic institutions. This is often done through the sponsorship of academic projects by private and state donors.

The individual companies are

  1. Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS)
    Center for the safety of chemical processes.
  2. Safety and Chemical Engineering Education (SACHE)
    Advanced training on safety issues.
  3. Design Institute for Physical Properties (DIPPR)
    Collection of material data for the design of chemical processes.
  4. Society for Biological Engineering (SBE)
    Society for engineers who work on biological issues.
  5. Institute for Sustainability (IfS)
    Promotion of the development of new, environmentally friendly products.

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